Welcome to our new site!

Hi everyone!

This past year was a big one for Latinx Geeks as we hosted our first Invisible Latinx panels at Women in Comics Con and New York Comic Con. We’ve also had the opportunity to be guests on panels at Awesome Con and Flame Con.

Outside of cons Alexis has had the chance to discuss Latinx Geeks and representation on Las Cafecitas podcast ep Latinxs take Comic Con and also COFFEE DAY!, Hard NOC Life! podcast ep #BeingLatinx on Supergirl, and UnCONventional: A Clexacon Podcast ep Intersectionality in Entertainment 

But this is just the beginning for us. Our hopes for 2018 is to have the podcast out and ready. Start publishing more articles on this website. Along with even more panels at different cons starting with Clexacon in April. We will be expanding and hopefully will be able to have guests contribute to Latinx Geeks and really make this the source for Latinx Representation.

As always thank you your support,

-The LXG Team

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