Latinx Geeks is a welcoming community for those who love all things geeky, nerdy, and pop culture. We are about promoting positive Latinx representation in all media, as well as challenging stereotypes, and discussing topics that affect the Latinx community.

Alexis Sanchez

 Creator and co-founder of Latinx Geeks. She is a student by day and geek fangirl by night. There is nothing she loves more than snuggling up with her cat, Nox, and getting lost in the world of comics. You can catch her online advocating for Latinxs in space and anywhere else she sees the need for more representation. You can contact her at Alexis@Latinxgeeks.com


A nerd by trade, geek at heart. She is the editor and co-founder of Latinx Geeks, and has been a writer/reviewer for NiceGirlsTV, AfterEllen, and other online publications. When she is not advocating for more diverse representation in media, or lecturing someone on animal health care/rights, she spends her time watching obscure LGBTQ* films, reading, or playing video games (when her crew of furbabies allow it).You can contact her at Reign@Latinxgeeks.com

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